Faltan pocos días para que de comienzo el Congreso Educo, del 22 al 24 de octubre el CaixaForum en Madrid acogerá a cientos de profesionales interesados en el ámbito de la Infancia y Adolescencia: desde educadores sociales, trabajadores sociales, pediatras, profesorado,  futuros alumnos de estas profesiones y muchos más. Personas que trabajan y anhelan por mejorar el Bienestar de la Infancia y de la adolescencia y de garantizar la construcción de sociedades más justas.

Muchos de las personas y los ponentes en este congreso vienen de lejos para formar parte de este equipo de profesionales comprometidos en primera persona con la Infancia y adolescencia. A continuación presentamos a un ponente en el Congreso Educo, George Williams, Coordinador de Programas y Fundraising de Traidcraft NGO (UK), licenciado en Filosofía y Literatura, y Master en Bienestar y Desarrollo Internacional en la University of Bath. George Williams hablará con Sarah C. White, el viernes 23 octubre en Congreso Educo, sobre el bienestar en la práctica profesional.

George Williams en esta entrevista  hace un recorrido desde su pasado personal, pasando por la situación actual de los derechos de la Infancia a la futura cita del Bienestar Infantil en el Congreso Educo.

If you could go back in time and change something about your school life, what would it be?

I think I would go back and be more proactive to try new things and not be so concerned about making mistakes.  I think in my adult life I have really enjoyed trying lots of different things that are new to me – and I’ve enjoyed learning from all the mistakes I’ve made!  But I think as a school-child I probably stuck quite tightly to what I knew I could do and do well, rather than try a great variety of things.

What elements of the current debate around children’s rights would you consider to be the most inspiring at the moment?

The truth is I know next to nothing about the contemporary debates around children’s rights!  Wellbeing and processes for assessing wellbeing are more within my area of expertise.  So I’m excited to come to Educo’s conference in order to learn more about children’s rights.  My organisation (Traidcraft) recently did a lot of work with child labourers who work alongside their parents at home making craft items and garments.  We tried to develop an approach that tackled this issue in supply-chains by working with local bridge-schools who offered so many different services to households in order to get their children back into school.  Seeing the work they do and the way they engage with these extremely poor households to tackle the issue was really inspiring.

What is the most exciting presentation you hope to see at the Conference?

I am very much looking forward to the session with Ferran Casas and Laura Camfield.  I have read some of Laura’s work on wellbeing and I think it’s excellent.  Ferran Casas is new to me, but I am really interested to hear about his research and the interdisciplinary methods he uses.